Tatton Park Christmas Party Photographer

Tatton Park Christmas Party Photographer

Tatton Park Christmas Party Photographer(s) Jo + John specialise in bringing fun and vibrant event photography to hundreds of events across the north-west annually, from Charity Balls, Christmas Parties to Large Events.

Last Saturday we were at the amazing Christmas Marquee at Tatton Park for Equilibrium 21st Birthday Party, the company had hired the whole marquee for the one-off special event.

During dinner, the guests were treated to a fabulous show with dancers and singers and after dinner, the Jazzbomb Band filled the massive marquee with modern jazz & swing which everybody loved (including us).

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Tatton Park Christmas Party Photographer Tatton Park Christmas Party PhotographerTatton Park looks amazing, with room to seat 1,500 people it has that real wow factor.Tatton Park Christmas Party Photographer tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-4 Tatton Park Christmas Party Photographer tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-6 Tatton Park Christmas Party PhotographerHaving a New York New York theme we tried to keep the photo a bit mysterious like those old Hollywood style photos back in the day. tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-8 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-9 Tatton Park Christmas Party Photographer tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-11 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-12WOW what an entrance to dinner, it went with a big bang. tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-13 Tatton Park Christmas Party PhotographerNew York New York theme to the event, these lovely dancers waved the flag of the USA whilst guests were seated. tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-15 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-16 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-17 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-18 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-19 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-20 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-21 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-22 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-23 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-24Just look at the size of this marquee, you wouldn’t even guess it was a marquee. tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-25 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-26 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-27 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-28 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-29 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-30I don’t think this winner expected the pyro-techniques when his key fit open the box…. love moments like these. tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-31 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-32 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-33 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-34 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-35The bar area looked fantastic, they really did go all out on the New York Theme. tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-36 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-37 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-38 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-39The Jazz Bombs really did go down well, everyone was up jiving and swinging to the old classics as well as a few modern songs with a vintage twist. tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-40 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-42 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-43 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-44 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-45 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-46 tatton-park-christmas-party-photographer-47

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