About Us

About Jo…

Hi i’m Jo and yes the picture in the banner is a selfie, we thought it would be cheating to pop a professional photo of us both in the banner.

I’m young at heart, live at home with my partner and 3 dogs.

I love a good book and can’t get to sleep at night without having read even a few pages, living nextdoor to a Library has it’s perks.

I can also do a bit of bing watching and love a good Netflix Series.

About Jon…

Hi i’m Jon, I deal with most of the business side of our event & commercial business so it will probably be me you speak to.

I’m a bit of a petrol head and love my car, sad I know but i’ve always loved cars since a young age.

I’ve been a professional photographer for 12yrs now and before that I was in property maintenance so building things or fixing things is my bag.

jon at er event photography having his photo taken
jon at er photography taking photos from a bush
jon at er photography with a bride
jo at er photography in the bushes taking photos
jo at er photography taking photos
joanne at er photography with noel gallagher
jon at er photography in a warehouse

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